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Slot machines, also called “Slots”, represent one of the main attractions of the casinos, being the most popular gaming machines.

They were created in 1985 by Charles Fey.

In English they are called “slot machines”, they may occupy in the establishments a specific area dedicated solely to them, due to their great reception by the public.

There is a wide variety of slot machines.

They are usually very colorful and ready to make a big fuss if someone gets the Jackpot.The most classic ones have three reels that turn on themselves and that when stopping must coincide to obtain the grand prize.

The most modern Slot machines have up to five reels that can reward in different ways, depending in all cases on the amount of the bet.

To be able to aspire to obtain the pot, the amount of the bet must be higher than the minimum bet, since the one who does not risk does not win.

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