Online Gambling Versus Casino Gambling


Which is better, online gambling or gambling in a real casino? The debate goes on. As usual, the answer is “It depends.” Which of the two would be better for you depends first, on your needs, and second, on what games you play.

Generally if you’re looking for convenience, affordability and quiet, you want to pick online gambling. With online gambling, you can play in a virtual casino directly from your own room, the games are available 24/7 and you have little to no distractions to bear with. What’s more, online gambling games are usually looser than their land-based counterparts (i.e. have higher payback to the players).

On the other hand, if money isn’t an issue and you consider the merry casino atmosphere as part of a genuine gambling experience, then you want to go for land-based gambling. Another good thing about casino gambling is that fewer hands are played (since it’s not computerized), so your bankroll is stretched.

Now let’s look at some casino games and how they differ when played either online or in land-based casinos.


Craps has the reputation of having the rowdiest players in land-based casino gambling. Because you get to wager for (or against) the shooter, players develop camaraderie which you don’t get in the online gambling version. Craps played online suddenly turns into a quiet solo-player game. What’s more, you have absolutely no control over the dice in online craps. So dice control is out. But the advantage of online gambling with craps is that play is faster and you don’t get bothered by other players.


When played in land-based casino gambling, this card game requires some table manners, knowing how to signal hand decisions and tipping the dealer. It also permits card counting and shuffle tracking (unless shuffling machines are used) if you’re into those. With online gambling, you can’t count or track cards. But you can play faster since hands are dealt automatically, and you don’t have to tip anyone. Blackjack lets you use basic strategy cards no matter if it’s online gambling or in the casino.


In land-based casinos, slots are the most popular games. The bells, whistles and other visual and audio effects are very alluring and addictive to many. But one drawback is that there are only a limited number of slot machines in any given casino. If they are all occupied by other players, you have to wait. Or you may have to settle for a tight machine while others get to play the loose ones. With online gambling, you don’t have to worry about that because the slots are available 24/7 no matter how many people play them!


It’s hard for many to imagine how poker such as Texas Holdem can be played online. In casino gambling, you can see, feel and hear your opponents. You can get clues from their behavior to judge what hands they hold and what they might be planning. Online gambling doesn’t let you do that. What it does let you do is use tracking software to record your opponents’ playing decisions, what hands they raise with, folding percentage, etc. Online gambling also lets you play at multiple tables for maximum profit.


Online gambling is generally more convenient than casino gambling. The games you like are available round the clock and you get to play more hands/games within the same timeframe. Casino gambling is more human, more involved; but it also lets you use special skills that are inapplicable online.

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